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Lila Nguyen
"a game-changer!"
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My coach has been a game-changer! She listened and helped me create an achievable plan to reach my goals. Her support and guidance have been priceless. Highly recommended!
Mia Patel
"I feel empowered"
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I feel empowered. My coach helped me gain confidence and a deeper understanding of myself. She's an amazing listener and provided invaluable feedback. I'm grateful to have her as my coach.
Ethan Marshall
"Highly recommended"
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I found balance!! My coach helped me prioritise and achieve success in both my career and personal life. She's a constant source of motivation and inspiration. Highly recommend!
Simone Carter
"one of the best decisions"
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Working with my life coach has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She has helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and build the confidence to pursue my dreams.
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Frequently asked questions

Coaching is a transformational process focused on the present and future to help you close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Using a range of tools, techniques and skills, a coach’s role is to co-create with you the life you desire in a safe space with zero judgement. 

Therapeutic intervention, which is often referred to as psychotherapy, counselling or “talking therapies,” shares some similarities with coaching in terms of the techniques employed.

Both forms of support make use of scientifically-backed methods and intentional conversation to promote personal expansion and enlightenment.

Despite these similarities, there are several distinct differences between these services. Coaching primarily concentrates on the present and the future, while therapeutic interventions delve into the past, present, and future.

The objective of coaching is to support personal growth and professional advancement, whereas therapy is structured to address more profound matters such as anxiety, depression, or past traumas.

At Client Link, coaches are skilled in helping with a variety of areas, such as confidence, work-life balance, leadership, relationships, communication and more.

Each coach goes through a vigorous vetting process to ensure their skill set is of a high quality. Many of our coaches hold the coveted recognition of being accredited by a prestigious professional organisation. This accolade is earned through a rigorous process of education, exams, training, practical experience, and ongoing supervision. The coach you will be matched with will be ready to guide and support you every step of the way.


Prices vary from £75-£190 per session depending on a number of factors, including; the duration of each session, the niche of the coach and length of the coaching agreement.

Once you have been matched to a coach, you will have the opportunity to have a  FREE introductory call to allow you to be sure in your choice of coach.

In most cases within 48 hours or less. We try our best to get you matched as soon as possible, however if there are any answers from your submission, which require additional enquiry, our team will be contacting the coach directly to ensure they are the best fit for you.

We endeavour to ensure you have a strong connection with your coach by matching your specific needs with the coach’s strengths.

Most of our coaches will offer a free introductory call to ensure you are a good fit. You will also have a opportunity to give feedback after each call. In addition, a dedicated relationship manager will be assigned to you to ensure your coaching experience meets or exceeds your expectations. At Client Link, we pride ourselves on ensuring you receive excellent coaching and service throughout. 

However, if you don’t resonate with the coach that you have matched with, please send an email to and we will reassign a new coach to you from our pool of over 1,200 coaches.